March 19, 2017

Trusting in God

I just love this series by Moody Classics, and this one, 'Answers to Prayer' by George Mueller, really inspired and encouraged me to trust the Lord more and more.

It's reminded me to not rush into decisions without prayer and petition. And to trust that He cares for us and that His timing is perfect.

This passage in the book was especially encouraging to me:

                                                 Trust in the Lord Better than Man's Promises

"May 6 (1845). - About six weeks ago intimation was kindly given by a brother that he expected a certain considerable sum of money, and that, if he obtained it, a certain portion of it should be given to the Lord, so that £100 of it should be used for the work in my hands, and the other part for Brother Craik's and my own personal expenses. 

However, day after day passed away, and the money did not come. I did not trust in this money, yet, as during all this time, with scarcely any exception, we were more or less needy, I thought again and again about this brother's promise; though I did not, by the grace of God, trust in the brother who had made it, but in the Lord. Thus week after week passed away, and the money did not come. 

Now this morning it came to my mind, that such promises ought to be valued, in a certain sense, as nothing, i.e., that the mind ought never for a moment to be directed to them, but to the living God, and to the living God only.  I saw that such promises ought not to be of the value of one farthing, so far as it regards thinking about them for help. 

I therefore asked the Lord, when, as usual, I was praying with my beloved wife about the work in my hands that He would be pleased to take this whole matter, about that promise, completely out of my mind, and to help me, not to value it in the least, yea, to treat it as if not worth one farthing, but to keep my eye directed only to Himself. I was enabled to do so. 

We have not yet finished praying when I received the following letter:

May 5, 1845 Beloved Brother,

Are your bankers still Messrs. Stuckey and Co. of Bristol, and are their bankers still Messrs. Robarts and Co. of London? Please do instruct me on this, and if the case should be so, please do regard this as a letter of advice that £70 are paid to Messrs. Robarts and Co., for Messrs. Stuckey and Co., for you. This sum apply as the Lord may give you wisdom. I shall not send to Robarts and Co. until I hear from you.

Ever affectionately yours,

Thus the Lord rewarded at once this determination to endeavor not to look in the least to that promise from a brother, but only to Himself.

But this was not all.

About two o'clock this afternoon I received from the brother, who had more than forty days ago, made that promise, £166 18s., as he this day received the money, on the strength of which he had made that promise. Of this sum £100 are to be used for the work in my hands, and the remainder for brother Craik's and my own personal expenses." 

                     "It is better to trust in the LORD, than to put confidence in man." Psalm 118:8

Trusting God is often hard to do, and impossible without His help. Prayer allows us to let go of our own motives and ideas of how things should be and to surrender to His guidance and help. Taking time to thank Him for who He is and all He has done, always brings me back to reality. That He is good and His plans are good, even if I don't understand.

He is trustworthy always.

"Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him." Hebrews 11:6

This book is filled with journal entries from George Mueller on answered prayers through the years of running several orphanages in 19th century England. It's also filled with his wisdom and advice in trusting the Lord for everything in His will.

I highly recommend this short book (140 pages) for all those who want to be encouraged to trust the Lord more.

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  1. Although I have read a biography of Mueller (and was much inspired) I haven't read this book! Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. I read Mueller's biography years ago. Okay I read it several times because it was so inspiring and greatly enriched my spiritual walk. I'll have to look this one up.

  3. Amen... I've read some of Mueller's writing. Simply encouraging!

  4. I just love reading testimonies like this, it builds my faith and the faith of others. I know of Mueller, but I haven't read this book. Thanks so much for sharing we are neighbors at #LMM and #MondayMusings today ...

    Also, I would love if you would consider linking up to my NEW Thursday Party #TuneInThursday it stays open until Sunday. You can find it here:
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  5. Cathy, I really enjoyed reading this and it encourages me to trust Him. I really appreciate book reviews because it helps me make good reading choices. I will come back here and read other posts! Thank you so much!

  6. Hi from your neighbor at RaRa linkup. Trusting the Lord for His perfect timing and waiting on Him are so difficult in our worry and impatience. What a beautiful example George Mueller demonstrates. We can learn so much from the prayer lives of those who have gone before us. Thank you so much for sharing this encouragement and wisdom. May your soul be refreshed in seeing again and again how beautiful the heart of our Lord is as He meets us in our neediness.

  7. Thanks for sharing this faith-building story...I'm your neighbor at Jennifer Dukes Lee's blog...two weeks in a row :-)

  8. Love Muller and thank you for the great excerpt needed today!

  9. George Meuller was an amazing man of faith and prayer. Inspiring stories of what could happen if believers lean not upon themselves and what man can do, but trust fully in the Lord to provide. thanks for the recommendation.


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