September 12, 2012

Quote of the Week

"It is a glorious phrase – 'He led captivity captive.'  Psalm 68:18

The very triumphs of His foes, it means, He used for their defeat. He compelled their dark achievements to subserve His ends, not theirs.

They nailed Him to a tree, not knowing that by that very act they were bringing the world to His feet. They gave Him a cross, not guessing that He would make it a throne.

They flung Him outside the city gates to die, not knowing that in that very moment they were lifting up the gates of the universe, to let the King come in. They thought to root out His doctrines, not understanding that they were implanting imperishably in the hearts of men the very name they intended to destroy.

They thought they had God with His back to the wall, pinned helpless and defeated: they did not know that it was God Himself who had tracked them down. He did not conquer in spite of the dark mystery of evil. He conquered through it."          
                                                               James S. Stewart, Scotland (1896-1990)


  1. I love this quote. I heard it in a sermon by Ravi Zacharias and ended up here at your blog. I was wondering if you would read my book and give me your thoughts. Let me know. Thanks.

  2. What is the name of the book written by James Stewart where this quote is found?

    1. I don't remember off hand but I'll look into it for you. I don't think I've read anything by him so I must of gotten the quote from something else I read.

  3. The book this is taken from is called, The Strong Name


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