December 28, 2020

10 Great Reads of 2020


My goal for 2020 was to read 50 books and I was able to surpass that to 66 books. I so enjoy reading and audio-books have allowed me to read even more. I listened to the 2 classics on this list and found it really enhanced the experience. Maybe you'll find a good read here to add to your 2021 reading!

 Here are my favorites from this past year...

Identity Theft by Various Authors - Each chapter in this book deals with who we are in Christ, as Christians, encourages us to find our identity in Him alone, and to not let anything rob us of it. I loved that the chapters were written by a variety of female authors. It was nice to hear different and unique voices all coming together to teach the same Biblical truths.


Evelina by Frances Burney - This was a really fun classic novel. It had inspired Jane Austen's writings, which made me curious about it. A diary of sorts of a young quiet girl learning the ways of life in 18th century London society. I loved her attitude and reflections. It was nice to hear her inner thoughts, when others thought she was simple and boring, she was thinking intelligently and deeply. It was an introverts delight to read!


Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross by Various Authors - An Easter devotional compiled by Nancy Guthrie with reflections on the cross from contemporary and classic Bible teachers and theologians. So encouraging and gospel-filled. Loved it!


Come Let Us Adore Him by Paul David Tripp - Wow! This advent devotional is also so gospel-filled and beautiful. I'm almost finished it, as it includes 31 days of devotions for December. I highly recommend it and will be reading it again.


Les Miserables by Victor Hugo - The theme of this book is grace. It's considered a masterpiece of literature, and I'd have to agree! Though there were some long drawn out parts, the novel as a whole was amazing. I read (listened to) it slowly throughout 2020 and enjoyed it very much. 


Epic by Tim Challies - This was such an interesting idea for a book! Tim Challies took a trip around the world, visiting places of Christian significance and writing about Christian history through objects he observed. The book also contains many photos, which added to the meaning of each story he was telling. 

You can read my thoughts on the book... HERE



You're Not Enough (and that's ok) by Allie Beth Stuckey - This is a much needed book in the days we are living. Self-love has taken the place of Kingship in many women's hearts and it is not only ungodly, but idolatry. This book was written beautifully with grace and encouragement. I will be posting about it soon!


His Indwelling Spirit by Charles Stanley - I loved this book! Filled with truthful and beautiful teachings on who the Holy Spirit is and what He does, simply written in quotes.

You can read my thoughts on the book... HERE



The Reformation by Stephen J. Nichols - If you read my blog you know by now, I love church history. This was an easy to read book on the period of the Reformation. A great book for someone starting out on learning about this subject.

The Sun Does Shine by Anthony Ray Hinton - Another great book! This was a memoir of sorts from an African American man who spent 30 years in prison on death row, for a crime he didn't commit. His conduct and faith were so encouraging and humbling to read about. 


                                Happy Reading in 2021 and I hope you have a blessed New Year.