February 1, 2021

At Home in Mitford

This was such a great novel! I found it moved so naturally through the lives of the characters who lived in this fictional town of Mitford, North Carolina.

The rector, Father Tim (60) is the central character of this book and pastors a local Episcopal church. I loved his humility and how flawed he knew he was, how he continually shared Scripture with himself and others and how he looked to God for guidance. It felt so encouraging, rather than preachy.

The way Scripture should be applied in each of our lives and the lives of others.

At one point Father Tim takes in a young boy in need. The boy is very rambunctious and can sometimes be a strain on him, but he continues to care for him unconditionally. I loved this prayer Father Tim prayed over him:


Thank-you for sending this boy into my life, thank-you for the joy and the sorrow he brings. Be with him always to surround him with right influences when tests of any kind must come. Give him wisdom and strength to act according to your will."

As a mother this really struck a cord. It's a prayer, even as a mother of adults, I'm reminded to pray. 'Lord let Your will be done.' ...not mine.

There was also the beginning of a sweet romance. Awkward and funny, sweet and precious. I loved it!

I found all the characters in this novel, to be enduring and fun to read about. I'm looking forward to reading more about them in the rest of this series. (This is book one of fourteen!)

I highly recommend this one!


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