August 25, 2010

An Extraordinary Woman

I love how John MacArthur in his book "Twelve Extraordinary Women" describes Abraham's wife Sarah:

"Let's be honest: there are times in the biblical account when Sarah comes off as a bit of a shrew.She was the wife of the great patriarch Abraham, so we tend to think of her with a degree of dignity and honor. But reading the biblical account of her life, it is impossible not to notice that she sometimes behaved badly. She could throw fits and tantrums. 

She knew how to be manipulative. And she was even known to get mean. At one time or another, she exemplified almost every trait associated with the typical caricature of a churlish woman. She could be impatient, temperamental, conniving, cantankerous, cruel, flighty, pouty, jealous, erratic, unreasonable, a whiner, a complainer, or a nag. By no means was she always the perfect model of godly grace and meekness."

This paragraph made me laugh out loud! I wasn't taught this Sarah in Sunday School. ;) But its kind of nice to know she wasn't perfect. So what made this woman, who God made a mother of nations (Gen.17:16) so extraordinary?

"...because she judged Him faithful who had promised." Heb.11:11

She put her trust in God and even though she wasn't perfect, God showed his faithfulness through her life.

Do hard things

Awhile ago I read a book called "Do hard things" written by 2 teenage brothers, named Brett and Alex Harris. Even though the book is by teens, for teens this 40+ mom was inspired. :)

I right away started praying for what I could do and right away I thought of Haiti. I went to my daughter whose birthday was coming up and reluctantly asked her if she would be willing to ask for donations for Haiti in lieu of gifts from her friends. She answered me by saying she'd been thinking the same thing!

Between her birthday, a garage sale, collecting bottles and loose change, we have almost reached half way to our goal...I love it when books inspire.

August 23, 2010

A Christmas Carol

The other day my husband said to me "Can you believe Christmas in only 4 months away?" I really don't want to think about Christmas in August, but then I thought why not? What's wrong with thinking about Christmas?

Some of the best memories from my childhood and adulthood are from Christmas. Like watching A Christmas Carol every Christmas Eve with my family since I can remember. (even if it's just in the background while visiting)

Last year I finally decided to pick the book up and read it. I wasn't disappointed.  (not that Charles Dickens could ever disappoint) It was almost word for word with the 1951 classic movie starring the awesome...Alastair Sim.

Will I start counting the days down to Christmas? Umm probably not, but enjoying the memories is another story. :)

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August 21, 2010


I recently finished a book called "Jonathan Edwards on Beauty" by Owen Strachan and Doug Sweeney. Jonathan Edwards was a theologian during the 18th century and this book reflects on some of his writings on beauty.

The Beauty of God, Creation, Christ, the Church and the Trinitarian Afterlife. In the chapter about the beauty of the Church the authors say:

"...All too often in Christian circles, we mimic the world in esteeming the "best and brightest" and passing over those with less apparent value. This is a shameful mistake, one that robs believers of their sense of worth and agency. Every believer is a "drop" of beauty in the great display of God's character and thus can use his or her spiritual gifts and natural abilities in the service of the church of Christ (1 Peter 2:9) 

Furthermore, every person, regardless of race or background, age or occupation, is equally beautiful and lovely to the Lord. The history of Christianity shows that all to often Christians have discriminated against fellow believers just as the world discriminates among itself. Whenever possible, Christians should work to visibly demonstrate the unity of the church by overcoming racial, social, and economic boundaries..."

Growing up in church I often felt not talented enough, not gifted enough, not well spoken enough. Nothing about me really stood out and so to read this and remember that I am beautiful to God was very encouraging. God does love us, and we can come to Him just as we are. It's good to remember we are beautiful because He is our Father.

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Jane Austen

I LOVE Jane Austen's books. No one writes with the beautiful flow of words like she does. Most men will never understand the lure of her writings the way women do.

It's this deep need in women to be loved, chosen and taken care of (even if they don't want to admit it) What woman, in her right mind, would not want a man like Darcy or Wentworth or Knightley?

Of course all these characters are all way to perfect and therefore unrealistic. But are they? Is there a True Love out there who is not only perfect, but loves you and has chosen you and wants to take care of you?

I think there is and that's the lure of these books, at least for me.