August 25, 2010

An Extraordinary Woman

I love how John MacArthur in his book "Twelve Extraordinary Women" describes Abraham's wife Sarah:

"Let's be honest: there are times in the biblical account when Sarah comes off as a bit of a shrew.She was the wife of the great patriarch Abraham, so we tend to think of her with a degree of dignity and honor. But reading the biblical account of her life, it is impossible not to notice that she sometimes behaved badly. She could throw fits and tantrums. 

She knew how to be manipulative. And she was even known to get mean. At one time or another, she exemplified almost every trait associated with the typical caricature of a churlish woman. She could be impatient, temperamental, conniving, cantankerous, cruel, flighty, pouty, jealous, erratic, unreasonable, a whiner, a complainer, or a nag. By no means was she always the perfect model of godly grace and meekness."

This paragraph made me laugh out loud! I wasn't taught this Sarah in Sunday School. ;) But its kind of nice to know she wasn't perfect. So what made this woman, who God made a mother of nations (Gen.17:16) so extraordinary?

"...because she judged Him faithful who had promised." Heb.11:11

She put her trust in God and even though she wasn't perfect, God showed his faithfulness through her life.

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