November 6, 2010


Still reading "66 Love Letters" by Dr. Larry Crabb. I'm finally into the New Testament though. :) In the intro to the New Testament books this sentence caught my attention: "real worship produces real change from self- obsessed religion to God-centered relating." I found out the word "worshiped" in the Greek is "pros-koo-neh'-o" and the definition given is fall upon the knees and touch the ground with the forehead as an expression of profound reverence; by kneeling or prostration.

Growing up in church I often saw many people dancing, singing and raising their hands during "worship" but thinking, even as a child, that many were doing this for self recognition. I never wanted to be like that so I never really worshiped in church, at least not demonstratively.

Real worship, I'm learning is surrender to God at all times. It's important in our surrender to God to kneel or prostrate before Him, both physically and from our hearts. He is the Kings of Kings. This is a very personal and humbling thing, but should be done for the Lord alone. God did not create us to just worship in church. He created us to worship, period.

Getting ready in the morning, driving kids around, at work, at play, when I feel tired, sick or upset...these are all great times to worship.  I also love Dr. Crabbs wording, "God-centered relating" During all these times in my life its good to know the Lord wants to relate to me and pursue a relationship with me.

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