January 25, 2012

5 books on my future reading list

I am Second

I've enjoyed watching a few videos from this website I am Second and was excited to see a book come out of it! It's a collection of stories and testimonies from some familiar faces and how they are learning to put God first and self second. People like Bethany Hamilton, Tony Dungy, and Lacrae. Sounds like a great book not only for reading, but for sharing.


Great Expectations

I remember watching BBC's mini series of this book as a teenager and being completely enthralled by the story. After all these years I've never actually read the book. Now a new mini series is airing on PBS in April and I really want to get it read before then!
It's the story of a young orphan who is given a chance at a good life as a gentleman through a anonymous benefactor. I love this description on the back cover: "Written in 1860, at the height of Dicken's maturity, it also reveals the novelist's bittersweet understanding of the extent to which our deepest moral dilemmas are born of our own obsessions and illusions."

It happened in Italy

During World War II Italy allied with Germany, but within the country many Italians were risking their lives to hide and shelter hundreds of Jews. In so doing  many lives were saved.
This book is filled with these stories. I just bought this one and I'm really looking forward to learning some Italian history and reading about these brave wonderful people.

The Wedding Dress
This story is about an engaged woman and owner of a bridal boutique, who finds a hundred year old wedding dress in a battered old trunk. She discovers the history of the dress and who had worn it. Emily in 1912. Mary in 1939. And Hillary in 1968. Through each woman she learns about her own heritage, love and faith. I've never read anything by this author before but this story really captured my attention. I love books that go back and forth through time. Can't wait to read it! It comes out this April.

Grace for the Good Girl

 "Many of us believe that we are saved by grace--but for too many, that's the last time grace defines our life. Instead of clinging to grace, we strive for good and believe that the Christian life means hard work and a sweet disposition. As good girls, we focus on the things we can handle, our disciplined lives, and our unshakable good moods. When we fail to measure up to our own impossible standards, we hide behind our good girl masks, determined to keep our weakness a secret."

I love the description of this book and I'm really looking forward to reading it soon.


  1. Grace for the Good Girl was really good. I also want to read I Am Second. I love the videos they've done on YouTube!

    1. Me too! I think Larae's testimony is so awesome and I loved Bailee Madison's video. She is so adorable! :)

  2. Oh, Cathy! I think you're going to LOVE Grace for the Good Girl! It's a life-changing book!

  3. Hi Michelle! I just bought it yesterday. Can't wait to start it!

    1. That's GREAT! I look forward to hearing what you think about it. : )

  4. I also love Charles Dickens! I devoured his books as a teen, and I still enjoy them. "A Tale of Two Cities" is my fav. :-)

  5. I am ashamed to admit that I've never read "Great Expectations", either! Time to put it on my reading list :)

  6. Gwen and Joanne - I just started 'Great Expectations' and I'm really enjoying it so far. It's bringing back memories from the old BBC mini series I watched as a teen. :) I'm also really looking forward to watching all the scenes come to life again in the new mini series!


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