January 30, 2013

George Muller on Forgiveness of Sin

I've been skimming through a book called 'The George Muller Treasury' which is filled with selections from George Muller's (1805-1898) sermons and writings. I'd never heard of him before I started looking through this book but he reminds me of so many other great preachers who spent a lifetime in prayer and believed that God would do great things.

Have you ever asked God to forgive you but didn't feel forgiven? I thought I'd share this selection where George Muller addresses this. It's a great reminder of the truth.

"...Knowing I'm forgiven when I don't feel it

Question: How may I know that my sins are forgiven? Have I to wait till I feel that they are forgiven before I take comfort concerning this matter? Or must I wait till I have in some powerful way a portion of the Word of God applied to my mind to assure me of it?

Answer: This point is again only to be settled by the Word of God. We have not to wait till we feel that our sins are forgiven. I myself have now been a believer for more than 19 years (that is, in the year 1845). How long it is since I have had no doubt whatever about the forgiveness of my sins I cannot tell with certainty; but this I am quite sure of, that ever since I have been in England, which is now about 16 years, I have never once had a single moment's doubt that my sins are all forgiven; yet I do not remember that I even once have felt they were forgiven. To know they are forgiven, and to feel they are forgiven are two different things.

The way to settle whether our sins are forgiven is to refer to the Word of God alone. In Acts 10:43 it is written concerning the Lord Jesus, 'All the prophets testify about him that everyone who believes in him receives forgiveness of sins through his name.'

The questions therefore to be put to ourselves are simply these: 'Do I walk in utter carelessness? Do I trust in my own exertions for salvation? Do I expect forgiveness for my sins on account of living a better life in the future?' Or, 'Do I depend only upon this, that Jesus died upon the cross to save sinners - and that Jesus fulfilled the law of God to make sinners righteous?' If the latter is the case, my sins are forgiven whether I feel it or not."


  1. "whether I feel it or not"

    That is always a great reminder to me. I don't always feel forgiven or sometimes even feel loved. But I KNOW that I am, and I can trust what I know more than what I feel. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh...I LOVE George Muller! What faith! What fearlessness and confidence in a GOOD God! Oh that this generation might live as He did...believing with spiritual eyes and not walking by mere feelings!

  3. what a great distinction between "feeling" and the truth of what God has promised...Realizing more and more that feelings are indicators but not absolute truth...blessings, Cathy :)

  4. Hi Cathy, another great reminder to not live on our "feelings" they always lead us astray. Great notes from a preacher I now feel the need to find out more about. God bless and thank you for linking up. I look forward to your next post on Winsome Wednesday

  5. Thanks for sharing! Yes we must be confident in God's word that says we are forgiven instead of trusting our broken flesh!

    Thanks for linking up to FFF! We're glad you did!

  6. Hi Cathy
    This is my first visit to your blog! Happy FFF. I know that feelings are definitely not a barometer for our faith in Him, but the more I allow my mind to only dwell on truth, the more freedom I have found in my feelings as well!! I have learned by the grace of our Pappa God to reject all those thoughts that are not true!
    Much love

  7. Hi ladies! I enjoyed reading all your comments and great insights.

    Thanks you for stopping by and sharing. :)


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