July 30, 2013

It Happened at the Fair

Deeanne's books always make me smile. They have wonderful likable characters, fun stories and that 'can't put down' quality.

...And I think this one is my new favorite from her. : )

Set during the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, this novel is full of history and wonderful facts, while mingled with a sweet love story.

I really loved the history in this one. So many great detail about this exceptional fair.

If I could only go back in time...

I would love to have visited this fair.

 Deeanne writes in her Author's Notes about including these details and facts:

"I depicted the rest of the exhibits in the novel as accurately as I could, though I had to leave out a TON of details in order to keep the pace moving. I didn't come anywhere close to describing even the tip of the iceberg. There were hundreds of thousands of them - all wonderful, interesting, and fascinating. The novel would have been a bazillion pages long if I'd tried to squeeze them all in. Still, I absolutely hated leaving them out. : ( "

Even with that said, there was plenty of history and details to excite this reader. : )

Though she couldn't include everything about the fair, she did include lots of great photos and drawing at the beginning of each chapter. I LOVED this! I'm a visual learner and these were so cool to look at while reading. They also helped me to envision the characters as they experienced the fair.

Here are a few included in the book:

Court of honor and Grand Basin as Viewed from the Peristyle

Movable Sidewalk

Ferris Wheel

And here are a few examples of the tickets sold at the fair:

As well as the history of the 1893 World's Fair, there was a lovely story to this novel.

Cullen is sent to the fair by his father to promote his invention of an automatic sprinkle.

Della is a teacher for the deaf and working in the Children's Building.

I loved how Deeanne incorporated an historical event into their meeting, but you'll have to read the book to find out how. : )

I really enjoyed this one. Both reading about their adventures at the fair as well as their struggles.

I would recommend this one to history fans and Christian fiction fans alike. 

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  1. This was a good read - one that genuinely surprised me! Della and Cullen were both interesting characters (plus I really liked the blind school plot) and I think Deeanne won me over again (I'd not read her last few books) with this historical novel. Anxious for Fair Play!

    Glad you liked the novel, Cathy. :)

    1. I'm really looking forward to her new book too! Deeanne's books are just so fun to read. : )


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