December 5, 2014

The End of Friday's Thought

Friday's Thought:

Well, this will be my last 'Friday's Thought' post for the year.

For the next few weeks I'll be sharing Christmas quotes on Tuesdays and then sharing my top 10 reads of 2014 at the end of the month. And of course, more thoughts on books in the new year. : )

For my last Friday's thought, I'll leave you with this beautiful song, one of my favorite renditions of 'Mary Did You Know?' by the group Pentatonix.

Enjoy and have a wonderful holiday season!

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  1. Beautiful!

    The pines and snow remind me of growing up in Michigan.

    1. It reminds me of home here in B.C. too. : )

      Merry Christmas!

  2. Can't express with words how much I love this song. May God bless you and your family! Liuba x

    1. Thank-you Liuba! Have a wonderful Christmas. : )


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