March 12, 2017

What Do You Know of Church History?

If you don't know much about church history this is a great book to start with. Each chapter is only a couple of pages long and is focused on each of the centuries since Christianity began.

This book starts off with the apostles then goes onto share about faithful men like these:

Justin Martyr, in the 2nd century 'defended the truth of the Christian gospel by expounding Scripture and refuting false accusations regarding the Christian faith.'

Augustine of Hippo, a bishop from Alexandria in the 4th century

Patrick, who evangelized Ireland in the 4th century

Alopan, a Syrian missionary to China in the 8th century

Cyril and Methodius, brothers from Thessalonia, who spread the gospel in what is now called Russia in the 9th century

Anselm of Canterbury, an intellectual with spiritual and moral courage in the11th century

Peter Waldo of France, who's followers 'objected to the many errors and corrupt practices of the Western church' in the 12th century

Francis of Assisi who in the 13th century, preached... 'a life of simplicity and had a great concern for preaching repentance as the way into the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ' 

Also from the 13th century, Thomas Aquinas... 'who is often regarded as one of the church's great scholastic thinkers'

John Wycliffe, who translated the bible from Latin to English in the 14th century because he felt all people would be able to grow in faith and practice from reading the Scriptures.

John Huss, was from Bohemia, now the Czech Republic. He was the rector at the University of Prague in the 15th century. Studying he realized the Church was teaching contrary things to the Scriptures.

Martin Luther, probably the most well-known reformer from the16th century, who nailed his 95 thesis on the church door at Wittenberg, Germany. I highly recommend finding these online and reading through them. The church today has benefited by Martin Luther's courage to do this.

John Calvin, another well known reformer in the 16th century, who has a great influence on all aspects of church and the Christian life.

In the 17th century came the Puritans. Men like, Matthew Henry, John Owen and John Bunyan. I personally love Matthew Henry's commentary on the Bible.

George Whitefield, brothers John and Charles Wesley and Jonathan Edwards were all preachers from the 18th century who preached repentance and saw great revivals of the heart at that time.

The 19th century had great missionaries like Hudson Taylor who went to China and never asked for money, but rather trusted God fully to met his needs as a missionary. He has inspired me personally as well as George Mueller who ran many orphanages in England, at this time, and never solicited money for his cause, but only trusted God to provide, and God provided again and again.

*Note - I'll be writing about George Mueller next week! : )

Billy Graham is most well known for bringing the gospel to masses of people. the simplicity of repentance and faith in Christ was preached thousands of times, all over the world.

It's important to remember these men were flawed and finite. They are not to be worshiped or prayed to, but rather to be inspired by to serve Christ alone, the one who is infinite and perfect.

One of the things that amazes me about church history is how little support these people had in defending the truth, and yet the truth has continued. I see how God's hand has been in each century and how he has used those who love Him to share the gospel truth.

God used each of these men (some who were martyred) to keep the gospel living and moving and He continues to do so through all those who surrender to Him.

I'm so thankful for their courage and determination in standing for truth, so that it could be passed down to us.

I highly recommend getting to know who these men were and what they brought to the Church.

From the tenth century chapter the author writes:

"Today's world is not much different from that of the tenth century. The church continues to be confronted with paganism, as well as with temptations to worldly success. While some denounce the tenth century as 'The Dark Ages,' we must recognize that our contemporary society demonstrates a moral and spiritual darkness, and the church is challenged to respond with the light of the gospel. 

Sometimes the church stands by and lets her witness be muted by worldly concerns. Rather, the church should perpetually increase in the knowledge of God's Word, be strengthened by the worship of God, and give itself to the simplicities of day-to-day devotion to Jesus Christ. By living for Christ and proclaiming His gospel, we can shine a much-needed light in the darkness."

"For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Walk as children of light." Eph. 5:8

This is why I believe contending for the faith, once given to us, is so important...just look at history.

I agree with the author, the time we live in is no different then the dark ages. Paganism, false teachings, and cults infest our world, all reasons to stand for the truth once given to the saints.

We need to hold tight to the truths our Christian forefathers lived and died for. The timeless truths of God's Word.

"Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you concerning our common salvation, I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to contend earnestly for the faith which was once for all delivered to the saints."  Jude 1:3

Jesus said: “...when the Son of Man comes, will He really find faith on the earth?” Luke 18:8

Will He find us faithful to the truth once delivered to the saints?

I found this book very brief and left me wanting to know more, which I think was probably the purpose of the book. : )

I have another book on church history called, 'Church History in Plain Language' by Bruce L. Shelley,  which is over 500 pages. I've been a bit intimidated to read it, but after reading 'Church History 101' I'm actually curious to get started.

I highly recommend 'Church History 101' as a starter on Church history!

Buy it HERE on Amazon



  1. This sounds like a great book! Thanks for the recommendation! (I will add it to my list!) ;)

  2. I'm coming over from LMM and I'm really excited about this book, I've been looking for just this kind of church history book for awhile now. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Hope you enjoy it Chantel! It's very brief, but a great starter to Church History.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. LOVE church history!
    And I just finished reading Michelle DeRusha's fine bio of Katharina and Martin Luther.
    So Good!

    1. This was the first book I've read that gave an overview of Church History, but I have read a few books about some of these people. Also 'Foxes book of Martyrs,' which I read years ago, was very impactful for me.

      I'll have to look into the Katharina and Martin Luther book! Thanks Michele!

  4. 'It's important to remember these men were flawed and finite.' Yes, I'm always put off when someone is portrayed as almost perfect.

    1. I agree, even biblical men and women were not perfect and we have to be careful not to elevate them.

      Thanks for stopping by Carol!

  5. Hi from your neighbor at RaRa linkup. I really enjoyed your review of this book. Typically,I am not interested in history,but looking at the list of men you shared, I am familar with many of them. I look forward to your post on George Mueller. May your soul be refreshed as you learn of ways the Lord has led others. Thank you for this informative post.

    1. Thanks Cheryl! Glad you stopped by. : )

  6. It sounds like a good introduction to some of these "pillars of the faith." I remember reading a book about George Mueller when I was a child. I was very impressed and inspired with how he trusted God for all the needs. Blessings to you! I"m your neighbor at #CoffeeforYourHeart.

    1. Glad you stopped by Gayle! I feel the same way about George Mueller, his trust in the Lord was encouraging to read about.

  7. Sounds like an interesting book. I have heard many of the names you mention but I'm not familiar with all their stories. It's good to learn about how the church has changed and developed over the centuries.

    1. Me too, and I'm so interested in reading more about them!

      Thanks for stopping by Lesley!

  8. I took a church history course in college. The subject has always fascinated me. Thanks for sharing on the #LMMLinkup this week.

    1. It is very fascinating to read about. Especially in different times in history where people thought differently, yet God's Word had stayed the same.

      Thanks for stopping by Mary!

  9. I didn't know much about church history until I was an adult wanting to teach it to my own children. It's so fascinating and I missed out by not knowing! This is true: "I see how God's hand has been in each century and how he has used those who love Him to share the gospel truth." Thanks for sharing this resource.

    1. Me too, never heard of any of these people until I was an adult and started searching for myself.

      Thanks for stopping by Lisa!

  10. Thanks for linking up at my new #PorchStories this week!

  11. This looks like it might be a great resource for homeschooling! Thanks so much for sharing this at Booknificent Thursday at this week!

    1. Yes it would be! Thanks for stopping by Tina. : )


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