April 10, 2017

Unashamed by Lecrae

I've read and heard many testimony's similar to Lecrae's, and I find they never get old. What Christ does in a life never loses it's luster.

I listened to Lecrae read his book on audio, and found it very moving. He is open and honest with his past and lays it all out there for the glory of Christ.

There were many things I couldn't relate to... his lack of a father, gangs, guns, drugs, sexual promiscuity.

But there were many things I did relate to. Things I think we can all relate to.

My need for salvation in Christ. My goodness not being good enough, and the struggle with self-righteousness.

He also shares a lot about his music and his journey from the darkness he came from to the light of God's truth. He shares about his time as a 'Christian artist' and how God showed him he was really just an artist who was a Christian and that He had bigger plans for him. Plans to reach people that would never be reached in Christian circles.

Lecrae is a work in progress, like us all, and I appreciated his honesty and candor. In a world of political correctness, Lecrae stands out. His faith is real, messy and biblically sound.

Overall I really enjoyed this memoir and highly recommend it.

I'll leave you with this quote from near the end of the book. It sums up the beauty of Lecrae's heart...

“Was I the rebel kid? The lost college student who just wanted to be accepted? The legalistic man who battled self-righteousness? Was I a husband or a father or a hip-hop artist? Like a tree trunk, all those people were a part of me. They are a part of me. 

But more than anything, Lecrae is a child who is unconditionally loved by God. I’m a sinner who has been rescued by God from my brokenness and called to glorify the One who has never left my side. That’s who Lecrae is, and that’s who I’ll always be.”  

*Note - This review is based on Lecrae's book alone. I haven't heard his music other then 1 or 2 songs which I liked. Also, I just found out he is part of 'The Shack' soundtrack which I do not endorse.

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  1. I just recently met a woman who was part of Lecrae's college Bible study group. It was interesting hearing her perspective on how they all grew together. Thanks for sharing this post at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com this week!

    1. That must have been an interesting conversation! Thanks for stopping by Tina. : )


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