May 25, 2011

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I remember as a kid we had to read this in school, but being a kid I never really read it. : )

A few years ago though my daughter brought it home from school and we read most of it together. I never realized how powerful this story was. When we got to the part were the witch is getting ready to kill Aslan I couldn't keep reading out loud. She calls him a fool and mocks him before everyone. Then...she kills him.

Lewis's words are so moving because I know who he is really talking about. But later there is great joy in knowing He rises from the dead.

I often wonder if C.S. Lewis were alive today what he would think of all these movies and merchandise made from his books, and if he would think they do his writing justice.

I've seen all the movies and I have to say the words in his books are more powerful, maybe because they were straight from his heart, or maybe because he knew and is now with the One he was writing about.

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