October 10, 2011

We Two

"We Two" is a biography of the love and marriage of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. England entered  the Victorian Age when this couple came into power in 1837 and it was a time of peace, prosperity and national pride.

Their love for each other was unusual for the monarch, but it brought them through their trials and I believe made all the difference in how they did their duties and lived their lives.

Queen Victoria being a strong willed woman and Prince Albert a real man's man, you can guess how the sparks flew between them...in love and war!

Prince Albert was a very moral man who was faithful to his wife, something very rare within royalty up to that time.

Queen Victoria was very sheltered as a girl and continually fought for her independence as wife and queen.

They had 9 children together, though Prince Albert took on more of the parental role, loving to spend time with the children whenever he could.

Queen Victoria on the other hand, was not very motherly and spent little time with her children until they were older, it was then that her relationship with them grew stronger. She felt childbirth and raising children, a bother and an inconvenience women had to bare. She would much rather have been riding her horse and visiting the people.

Her deep love for her husband is well known. He passed away after 21 years of marriage and she laid out his clothes every morning for the rest of her life.

The movie Young Victoria is one of my favorites. It's the story of her early years, her match with Albert and their early marriage.

The movie was what actually led me to finding this book, which I really enjoyed reading.

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  1. Ok, so now I have to read the book...AND see the movie!

  2. Trema - I loved the movie and the book filled in alot of their history together...enjoy!

  3. I adore Albert & Victoria's love story -- loved the recent film, and then there's a miniseries that came out in the late 1990's that is excellent as well.

  4. Thanks Ruth, I'll have to check the library for the miniseries!


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