December 10, 2012

C is for Christmas - Part 3: Xmas

I've never been a fan of using 'Xmas' in place of Christmas, but is using 'Xmas' taking Christ out of Christmas? According to the authors the answer is no. Xmas is not disrespectful or taking Christ out of Christmas, but rather, honors God. The authors explain here:

"Since the mid-twentieth century, Christians have complained that the use of  'Xmas' was a deliberate attempt to 'take Christ out of Christmas.' While there is no doubt that today's secular culture wants to remove 'Christmas' and 'Merry Christmas' from the English vocabulary, the original use of 'Xmas' had no political or spiritual overtones.

That the first syllable of Christmas comes from the word 'Christ' is indisputable. In Greek the name Christ is xpiotoc (christos). The first letter looks like the English letter X. Every vocation has its shorthand, and those in the church used the letter chi (X) to represent Christ in words that began with 'Christ-.' So 'Xmas is an honorable abbreviation for Christmas. It was not intended to take Christ out of Christmas."

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  1. Cathy, this is so interesting. I've always heard that the use of Xmas began because of limited space in advertising. ie. small signs etc. The abbreviated use was a practical solution to limited space... with neither political or spiritual implications = non-offensive. Unfortunately, in today's world Christ is being systematically eradicated, understandably compelling Christians to hold tightly to the word 'Christ' in Christmas.
    Thanks for the history behind the X! I'll remember this!
    Thanks for coming by Mary @ Woman to Woman!
    Blessings ~ Mary


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