December 14, 2012

C is for Christmas - Part 5: King

There are millions of Christians in this world, each from different backgrounds and denominations. Christians can sometimes argue over doctrine and beliefs but one thing we all agree on is that Jesus Christ is the King of kings. All Christians long for the day of his return. I loved this section of the book on Jesus as King:

"What kind of king is King Jesus? 

King Jesus defeats His enemies and He defeats them so they stay defeated. Jesus has conquered sin, death, Satan, and hell. King Jesus establishes peace, not only ending war but providing adequate resources for His people. Jesus is a king who loves His people. He graciously meets their needs, heals their wounds, and hears and answers their requests. The subjects of King Jesus always have access to Him. King Jesus secures justice for His people. Legally justice means resolving differences fairly; law and grace are always perfectly balanced in King Jesus' court. Justice in the Old Testament includes a relational dimension. Under King Jesus, His subjects don't merely coexist, they thrive together. King Jesus is wise. He doesn't always reveal what He is doing and He works at many levels of life simultaneously to achieve His purpose over time. He knows the end from the beginning, so His plans always work to perfection.  

The reign of King Jesus is eternal. Because His position is permanent, His subjects don't have to worry about changes in policy or law. King Jesus lives forever, so there is no worry about His growing old or dying. Under King Jesus, there will be glorious, multifaceted continuity. Jesus is the only King who is worthy of worship forever. He suffered for our sake on the cross and rose again to give life eternal. King Jesus is His people's treasure, their source of endless joy and eternal delight.

How should we act in the presence of a king? Reverently - with open ears and closed mouth. Submissively - the proper posture in the presence of the King is to kneel. And boldly - Jesus is the King who loves us, who knows us completely. He wants us to enjoy a respectful intimacy with Him...

King Jesus is without equal and He tolerates no rival. Only Jesus truly had the 'divine right' of kings because only He is fully God and fully human, the rightful heir of David's throne. He is 'KING OF KINGS AND LORD OF LORDS' (Rev. 19:16). All hail King Jesus!"

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  1. I'm so thankful to worship a King that knew we would need a permanent once and for all savior and provided it for us.
    Merry Christmas!


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