April 6, 2013

Rescued: An Allegory

This was a very deep and meaningful short story. It reminded me a little of Pilgrim's Progress, with a twist...the main character is a girl. I found I could really relate to her and her struggles.

Very well done.

I randomly found this short e-book by Tracy L. Higley while searching books on my e-reader. Tracy is one of my favorite fiction authors so it was a no-brainier to download this one... and it was free!

It's described this way on Kobo:

"In an adventure reminiscent of the Christian life, one girl struggles to find her way out of the dungeon, beyond the perils of the journey, to the Kingdom that awaits. This short story, written as an allegory, includes six short chapters, with discussion questions for each section..."

This free e-book also includes the first three chapters of her new book, 'So Shines the Night.'

Here's a link... Kobo Books 

Since reading 'Pompeii' and 'Petra' which were both excellent, I've been eager to read more of Tracy's books. They are sitting on my bookshelf just asking to be read. The problem is I can't decide which one to read first! I've heard they are all so good!

Have you read Tracy's books? Which one was your favorite? Which one should I read next?


  1. I've never heard of Tracy Higley before, actually, but I enjoy allegories. And I have a Kobo, so I think I'll check this out! Thanks for sharing. :) I'm dropping by from the Cozy Book Hop.

    1. Hi Bonnie, I highly recommend Tracy's books! Hope you enjoy this short story. : )


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