September 22, 2013

Children's Laughter

What do you see in this picture?

It's the third week of Compassions blog month and we've been asked to write about a particular photo. I've picked this one.

Here I see an adorable little boy.  I bet he started giggling soon after this photo was taken. Maybe asking his friends, 'Did I look funny?' 'You wanta try it on?' I can hear the laughter of children having fun, each taking their turn trying this underwater mask on. Giggling till they fall to the ground. Don't you just love the sound of children's laughter?

Children in poverty are just like our children. They love to play, they love to laugh and they love to be with the ones they love.

But they are not getting enough to eat, they don't have proper shoes and they don't have anywhere to receive a proper education.

Many may think these children have lazy parents, but this is mostly NOT true. So many children have lost a parent or both due to disease and therefore live with a relative or friend. And many of the parents supporting their own children simply can not find work.

My daughter saw this first hand in Ethiopia. She told me,' mom there is just no work, no jobs.'

This is what I love about Compassion's work around the world. They help supply these needs, they help feed these children, they give them an education and they share the love of Jesus.

Would you like to help?

Sponsor a child today.

Click HERE or on the picture below.



  1. I LOVE the work Compassion does... and you're right, kids are kids all over the world!

  2. Great post! May God use this post to support more of these beautiful children! I was your neighbor this morning at Juana Mikel's link up.

  3. Compassion rocks! Love this picture of this little guy. Lifting a prayer for him today.

  4. Beautiful thoughts. Compassion, and others like it, are such wonderful organizations.

    Thanks for linking up to Woman to Woman's Word Filled Wednesday! God bless!


  5. Compassion is amazing. And I stand with you in encouraging people to sponsor a child. Thank you for sharing with #TellHisStory!

  6. "Children in poverty are just like our children." We see children in poverty all the time in schools - across this country - in the most surprising places. And they are, first and foremost, children. This picture is precious, just as precious as the little boy in it. Organizations like Compassion are truly blessings.

  7. It is only in America that parents of poverty level children
    are lazy.

  8. Beautiful! I am so thankful for organizations like Compassion, who truly are the hands and feet of Jesus! Blessings!


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