January 22, 2015

For Those Who Can't Speak

Tenth Avenue North is one of my favorite bands and I love love love their new album. : )

Today they are encouraging us to stand up for those who have no voice.

Jeff from the band says:

"Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn't promised.  So tell the world about the things you long to see change in the world.  There's injustice that preys upon the meek.  There is oppression that is fueled by those who pretend it doesn't exist.  Use your voice to those around you- 2 followers on Twitter is just as important as 2,000.

Use your camera for someone other than yourself- A blank caption to something real in your timeline is more captivating than any selfie or breakfast food you could post. Use what you have if even so small.  Use your time for those who have little left.  Use your hands for those who are chained.  Use your voice for those who can't speak."

Here are some ways you can use your voice to speak out and help:

1. Pray: 
Pray for the victims and organizations fighting human trafficking.https://www.ijm.org/get-involved/pray

2. Give: ­ 

Slave Prevention with Compassion by
sponsoring a child today http://compassion.com/tenthavenuenorth
Slave rescuing with IJM 

3. Commit: 
Sign ­this petition started by International Justice Mission -

4. Share: 
Use your social networks to share the music video and petition with friends and family. You can make a difference with your voice.

5. Tell: 

Who is 1 friend or family member you can
tell about the problem of human trafficking


Tenth Avenue North: Website

Tenth Avenue North: Twitter 

Tenth Avenue North: Facebook 


  1. I agree with you and let us be the voice that make a difference in the lives of people. Dropping by from Spiritual Sundays. My entry: Are you carrying a heavy load?

  2. Perfect reminder that God calls us to reach out to all whether through encouragement, being the voice they do not have or just being present with others. Thank you for sharing at The Weekend Brew.

  3. A wonderful post - Yes, we can make a difference! Our church is working with trafficked women, I was also a volunteer in the shelter - we need to His hands and feet!

  4. Thanks for stopping by ladies and sharing!


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