September 21, 2015

The Life of Charles Spurgeon

Today I thought I'd share this wonderful documentary on the life of Charles Spurgeon. I admit it took 10 or 15 minutes to get into it, but once I got used to the English accents I thoroughly enjoyed it. : ) It's about 2 hours long so you may want to watch in sections or find a time you can sit to watch the whole thing.

The life of Charles Spurgeon isn't really that extraordinary, he became a pastor, married and had children, but what God did through him, really was extraordinary. Spurgeon suffered greatly from depression as well as exhaustion. And there is no doubt where his strength came from. It was from the Lord and Spurgeon would be the first to admit that.

I so highly respect Spurgeon because of his deep devotion to the Lord and also for his commitment to the truth. A commitment that caused him great adversities and deep depressions. But he keep going with the strength of God lifting him up.

I'll leave you with this quote I found at the beginning of his autobiography:

"We want again Luthers, Calvins, Bunyans, Whitefields, men fit to mark eras, whose names breathe terror in our foemen's ears. We have dire need of such. Whence will they come to us? They are the gifts of Jesus Christ to the Church, and will come in due time. He has power to give us back again a golden age of preachers, a time as fertile as great divines and mighty ministers as was the Puritan age, and when the good old truth is once more preached by men whose lips are touched as with a live coal from the alter, this shall be the instrument in the hand of the Spirit for bringing about a great and thorough revival of religion in the land.

I do not look for any other means of converting men beyond the simple preaching of the gospel and the opening of men's ears to hear it. The moment the Church of God shall despise the pulpit, God will despise her. It has been through the ministry that the Lord has always been pleased to revive and bless His church." 

Spurgeon was one of them. A great preacher for truth, whom God used to bless His Church. : )

*You can also watch the film at this website: Through the Eyes of Spurgeon


  1. Thank you for the tidbits of information on the life of Charles Spurgeon! I really didn't know much about his personal life, but I so love history and the stories behind those who created that history! I'm so glad we were neighbors at #SharingHisBeauty!
    Blessings and smiles,

  2. Cathy, Spurgeon definitely is a hero of faith! Our Spurgeon's look so differently today! Great review. Visiting from Jennifer's today, in space #44

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

    I am definitely going to save the link to this documentary so my husband and I can watch it! We are very much edified by the life and example of Charles Spurgeon.

    I had never heard that powerful quote from him.

    What a blessing to visit here today!

  4. Wow! I hope I can find the time to sit down and watch it all tonight. Thanks so much for sharing this, Cathy! So great to visit with you today! Peace and many blessings to you, Love! :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing this interesting story. It's worth checking out. :)

  6. I love Charles Spurgeon! I was unaware of this documentary...thank you for the recommendation.

  7. I didn't realize Spurgeon suffered with exhaustion and depression. What an example of God's power showing up in our weakness. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Glad you ladies all stopped by to check out this documentary. Hope you get a chance to sit down and watch it someday. It was very inspiring! God bless. : )

  9. Cathy, Thank you so much for sharing this documentary. I am so going to watch it. I am encouraged by this man of faith. Kathi

  10. Spurgeon really is so inspiring! Thanks for linking up at Booknificent Thursday at!


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