June 7, 2011

All of Grace

One of my favorite christian authors is Charles Spurgeon. He was a great preacher and teacher of the 19th century. When I read his books I don't feel like I'm being preached at, but rather loving taught. I love what he says in his book "All of Grace"

"Don't try to make yourself presentable to the Lord and don't attempt to make yourself into something other than what you are. Come to Him as an ungodly person in need of a Savior, to the One who justifies the ungodly."

Even after being a christian for most of my life I still need to remember this and come before Him as one in need of a Savior. I often avoid Him when I've done something I shouldn't, until I feel I've become better. But the reality is, I will never become better or right with God without Him. So I come broken, just as I am, knowing He is the only one who can restore me.

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