June 11, 2011

Historical Fiction and Liz

My favorite kind of fiction is historical. Especially when an author takes the time to research and bring history to life on the pages. If I can learn something while reading a great fiction story, I enjoy it even more.

If I had to pick a favorite historical author it would be hard. So many great ones like Francine Rivers, Siri Mitchell, Linda Lee Chaikin, Deeanne Gist, Julie Klassen and I recently found Karen Witemeyer.

But I'd have to say Liz Curtis Higgs is the one author on the top of my list. Her novels are so fun to read. I loved the way she brought life to the biblical characters of Rachel, Leah and Jacob within a 18th century Scottish context in this series of books. I'm looking forward to reading them again soon.

As well as being a great novelist Liz is a great speaker. I went to see her recently and was so blessed my her. I felt she was the most beautiful person I'd ever encountered. Her kindness and love of God were so apparent. I pretty much cried throughout her seminar, when I wasn't laughing so hard. : )

There is just something about a woman of God that makes them so beautiful and its not there clothes or figure or hairdo...but I believe its Jesus living in them. And that is exactly Who I saw in Liz...beautiful.


  1. Probably my favorite historical series! I also got to hear Liz speak and just loved how much fun she was ;)

  2. I really loved these books too! Thanks for stopping by. :)


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