September 29, 2014

Nature's Sketchbook

I was cleaning out some of my cupboards the other day and came across this book that I hadn't looked at in years. So I decided to sit down and have a read through.

What a delightful book!

Filled with the art of Marjolein Bastin of Holland, and her insights and experiences from the nature she paints.

I love this kind of art, so full of color and life. So much detail you can look at one painting for hours and enjoy all it has in store for you. : )

I thought I'd share a few paintings and insights Marjolein shares throughout the book.

Strawberries are my favorite summer fruit! Here she paints some in a new basket.

She writes:

"The spiders and beetles loved 
my old basket... it was perfect
For playing hide-and-seek.
To them, 'old is beautiful,'
but I must advert that
as a flower basket,
it had become pretty rickety.

But here is my new one...
and I'll try this time not to leave it
out in the rain!"

Here she writes some interesting facts about these butterflies and violets:

butterfly has made
his life very difficult:
his tiny caterpillars
will not eat anything other than these violets.
And when they are not
there anymore,
the butterfly
will vanish, too."

I love making bouquet's of flowers. It's always fun to create something new each time.

Here she writes about painting this lovely bouquet:

"This beautiful bouquet
inspires me to paint with
such enthusiasm that there
is hardly enough room left for my words!

Just imagine this
in a jam jar on the table...
how opulent!

Bluebells here are protected, so you're not allowed to pick them.
That's way drawing is so nice - I can always sit among
the bluebells with my brushes and enjoy
their natural beauty."

Though this isn't a book of faith, I found God's creation bursts forth on every page. He truly makes beautiful, intricate things for us to enjoy.

Here are a few of her paintings that aren't from this particular book, but as a gardener who loves flowers, I had to share!

I'm not sure if this book is still in print but here is Marjolein's website where you can explore all her gorgeous creations... Marjolein Bastin's Website


  1. Hey, thanks for posting this. The art of Marjolein Bastin is still popular in Holland (where I live), didn't know it went overseas :) I love it, it always speaks of LIFE!

    1. Hi Marja, I think her art is quite popular here in Canada as well. So beautiful and I agree so full of life! : )

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed looking at the photos.

    1. Hi Michelle, glad you enjoyed Marjolein Bastin's art here!

  3. Replies
    1. Isn't it beautiful? Thanks for stopping by Lisa! : )

  4. Pretty !

    Thanks for sharing with us at #TellHisStory, Cathy.

    1. Thanks for the opportunity to link up Jennifer! : )

  5. Her art is very sweet and relaxing. I've seen it mostly at Hallmark as greeting cards. Stopping by via Booknificent Thursdays!

    1. My daughter and I were just at Hallmark yesterday and we saw her 2015 calendar there...very pretty! Thanks for stopping by! : )

  6. Oh, we have some of her books and calendars too, and I haven't looked at them for ages. Thank you for the lovely reminder...and for the link to her website.

    Stopping by from Booknificent Thursday.

    1. Enjoy looking through them again! Thanks for stopping by Annie. : )

  7. So vibrant. Loved the one with the butterfly. Thanks for sharing at The Weekend Brew.

    1. Glad you enjoyed these paintings Barbie. : )

  8. This is a post filled with joy!! Thank you! :D

    1. Thanks for stopping by Jacqueline!

  9. The strawberries remind me of stickers I used to own as a kid with encouraging Bible verses. The art is lovely and I really appreciate the smallest picture with the rope threading through the button. It's so well done. Tina from Amanda's Books and More

    1. It really is beautiful art! Thanks for stopping by Christina. : )


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