October 17, 2014

Time Away

Friday's Thought:

It's been a little quiet around my blog this past week or so.

My husband and I recently celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and instead of going away on our own we decided to take one last family trip before our children (18, 22, 24) all go their separate ways.

We went to Disneyland and had a lot of fun, though the weather was pretty hot! : )

I have to say my favorite thing, besides some of the fun rides, was the Lincoln memorial. We've been to Disneyland before but had never seen it. I highly recommend it, especially if you have children.

It was a great reminder of how one should live with integrity.

I'm reading a history book right now, about medieval kings and queens and how their lives were a mess of adultery, backstabbing, and betrayal. It's made me realize what a prize the world has had in Abraham Lincoln, a simple farm boy from Kentucky. You can read a little more about him in my post on the book: Abraham Lincoln Civil War Stories

I also picked up Walt Disney's biography, 'An American Original' by Bob Thomas, when we were there.

And I'm looking forward to reading about his life and family. : )


  1. We live on the east side of the states, but haven't been to Disney World in years.
    The last time we went was when our grown son was 6. Before Epcot came along.
    I would like to go back sometime but it has gotten way too expensive.
    I like the orange Mickey Mouse in the above picture.

    Happy Anniversary!

    1. Thanks Michelle! We've never been to Disney World. I've heard it's huge!

      Disneyland was all decorated for fall. A lot of orange everywhere! Disney California was a lot of fun too. We loved the new 'Cars' ride. : )

  2. That sounds like a great family trip! We were just in the USA and went to the California Disneyland too, but I didn't see the Lincoln memorial. It was a fun way to make memories :)

    1. Glad you got to enjoy Disneyland too! Thanks for stopping by here Rhonda! : )


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