September 12, 2014

Rembrandt's Raising of the Cross

Friday's Thought:

I've been reading Francis Schaeffer's book "How should we then live: The rise and decline of western thought and culture" and came across this painting by Rembrandt.

The author wrote this of Rembrandt and his painting:

"Rembrandt had flaws in his life (as all people do), but he was a true Christian; he believed in the death of Christ for him personally. In 1633 he painted the Raising of the Cross for Prince Frederick Henry of Orange. It now hangs in the museum Alie Pinakothek in Munich. A man in a blue painter's beret raises Christ upon the cross. That man is Rembrandt himself - a self-portrait. He thus stated for all the world to see that his sins had sent Christ to the cross."

Reading this gave me great pause and appreciation, not just for this masterpiece, but for it's deeper meaning, of what Christ did for us.

Art is a beautiful expression of who we are and I'm thankful for artist's like Rembrandt who decided to share his talents with the world and by doing so, shared the gospel.


  1. What an incredible piece of art history to share - I admit I'm not usually very knowledgeable about art but this is really interesting. It's such a stunning, tragic painting too

    1. Hi Stefanie, I agree it's incredible! This painting and what it's intention was, really moved me when I saw. It's such a beautiful expression of the artists heart. : )

      Glad you stopped by and left some comments!

  2. The painting is such a beautiful reminder that our sins put Jesus on the cross. Thank you for sharing this.


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