August 2, 2011

Heaven and Five People I'd like to Meet

I just started my new devotional on Heaven called "We shall see God" by Charles Spurgeon and Randy Alcorn. On day 6 it talks about who we will be in heaven. Will we be ourselves? Spurgeon points out Matthew 8:11 

"Many will come from east and west and recline at table with Abraham, Issac, and Jacob in the kingdom of heaven" 

By naming each man, Abraham, Issac and Jacob, Spurgeon points out that all in heaven, will be individuals as we are now. Each ourselves, but better. Randy Alcorn explains it this way:

"Distinctiveness is God's creation, not merely a fleeting whim. What makes us unique will survive. In fact, much of our uniqueness may be uncovered for the first time in Heaven. We'll be real people with real desires, but holy ones. We'll have real feelings, but feelings redeemed from pride and insecurity and wrong thinking. We'll be ourselves -- with all the good and none of the bad. And we will consider it, in just the right sense, a privilege to be who God has made us to be."

I love that we will be fully restored to ourselves... "who God made us to be"

Whenever I go to Chapters (our Canadian equivalent to the American Barnes and Noble)  a certain book on display always catches my eye, its called "Five people you meet in heaven." and it always makes me think of who has gone onto heaven that I have never met and would like to.

Here are five people I think I'd like to meet in heaven and get to know them as God made them to be:

C.S. Lewis-What a great mind. I have so many questions for this man.  I've learned so much from his books and look forward to getting to know him.

Sarah-The wife of Abraham. This is the one woman in Scripture that I find I relate to the most. She was often stubborn and impatient. Things I need to work on too. But she loved God with all her heart and put her trust in Him.

Oswald Chambers- What a passion for God. This man had a passion for God I have never seen in any other. I can't help getting excited about the Lord when I read anything he has written. He also loved to laugh and that's one of my favorite things to do!

Abraham Lincoln-What a life. I've always loved American history and this man is one who stands out as someone with integrity and morals. Who stood up for what was right and fought to bring a stop to the injustice of slavery. Whenever I read something about his life, I clearly see God's providence.

My Grandma-What a prayer warrior. I was very young when my Grandma passed away. I often think of her and look forward to meeting her in heaven. She loved the Lord and her and my Grandpa spend countless hours in prayer for their children and grandchildren and I often feel the impact of those prayers today.

We may not see now, how we are made in God's image, but one day we will, and I think it will give us one more reason to praise the Lord.

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  1. Wonderful post, Cathy! Those are great choices of you'd like to meet in Heaven someday.

    Have a blessed day,


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